Minecraft Madness

Last week I acquisitioned a Minecraft server, uploading the world from our LAN games so that it may continue to live on in eternal online form. Despite only a few of the potential players being able to make it at the moment, it is already developing an interesting character of its own to the point where my 3rd-party-generated maps look like the sort that might come with a dungeon crawling RPG.

So I’ve made a little page on this site for the LAN group, an assortment of digicrats and consolemancers known collectively as the Rapier Foundation. Check out the page on the top bar just up there! At the moment it’s just stuff for the Minecraft server, but I hope to get around to putting more generic LAN-related stuff on there too at some point.

And for those with an interest in my development projects; have no fear, all is still going well! But with the absolutely incredible Little Big Planet 2 in my hands now too (and Test Drive Unlimited 2 around the corner next week), it’s looking to be a decent period of rest & relaxation!

Rally to Restore Sanity

The Rally to Restore Sanity took place in Washington D.C, a week ago last saturday, and was basically a rally to poke fun at rallies; or more specifically the kneejerk, ill-informed, hypochondriac Tea Party type of rally that America seems to be plagued by in recent years.

Follow the link for a full gallery with some more great examples:

Rally to Restore Sanity

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