The Abortion Debate

Not content with the controversy of claiming relgion to be a transient social tool, I return once more to that tricky subject of Abortion. These are both very interesting subjects, and not entirely unrelated either: both are deeply intertwined with some of life’s most fundamental philosophical questions.

The ‘camps’ in the abortion debate are generally defined by when. That is, when is it acceptable to terminate a pregnancy: never, before X number of weeks, or at any point of pregnancy. Most people fall somewhere in the middle ground, with liberals / students / scientists leaning toward later and religious / conservative headcases favouring earlier. Roughly segregated, these are termed Pro-Choice and Pro-Life respectively. Continue reading

Twenty Ten

Being the year 2010 has understandably made a lot of people very reflective. While I myself, normally more reflective than a centennial summary made of chrome plated mirrors, have been experiencing a pretty passive new year for a change.

One thing I am still disappointed by is that we never did come up with a good name for the Noughties. I still don’t think I can reconcile with that term to the point where I can use it in conversation. But the decade ahead is even worse. Teenies? Oh. Please. No.

But at least we’re in the future now. Aren’t we?