In China they say: “If you rush, you’ll never get there.”

Perhaps it is just because of my advancing years, the hindsight of many a hundred moons, but I feel great exhaustion at the stress confronting me. China is barely one week away, and suddenly the plan is changed to get Tourist Visas. This is, as the Belgians said to the US army, a little late. I’m looking forward to being on that plane for many reasons, but right now the main one seems to be so I won’t have any more of this crap to sort out.

Well; that’s not entirely true. I’m definitely looking forward to us teaching these young China-lings the Way of the Goose, walking up hills which have steps (like all hills should) and hunting Chinese dragon (I hear they’re good game). But the relief to just have the damn thing finally sorted out is a holiday itself.

In between my diligent research into all things great and flammable, I picked up my $500 spending money today. This is apparently the best currency to use in China, as:

“The Chinese are dirty communists with no real currency and would sell their best flip flops for a dollar fifty.”
(encyclopedia Britannica, p.5235).

But I figure I’ll get some Yuan at some point (that’s the Chinese currency: a yuan = a small but amiable lizard), because you never know. A countries’ currency might come in handy when you go there!

I doubt it though.