Cloudgazer is my first novel, a science fiction adventure set in the world of Azimuth. It’s available from Amazon as an ebook right now! You can get it here:

Azimuth. A world of floating cities & bottomless sky.

Trouble is brewing in the Nezzu Strait. Brazak West and Ganzabar, old adversaries from the last war, are at each other’s throats. Stalking the skies between them is a seven-hundred-year-old warship, vastly more advanced than anything flying today, from a forgotten country that was once the centre of the world. Its mission: to recover a stolen prize with the potential to unleash disaster.

Kiy Tanthar is just another vagrant scraping a living in Brazak West. At least, he would be were it not for the unusual grappling hook device he carries, known as a ‘sling’—an ancient wonder from the technological zenith of the Gold Age, allowing its users to go where no-one else can, swinging between ships and buildings. Those that use them—from juvenile thieves to pirates and hired guns—typically have little in common.

But all are known as cloudgazers.

Get the book on kindle using the link above; alternately, you can grab it on Kobo here.

You can also find out more about Azimuth at the Crystal Archives wiki, my own resource for worldbuilding (beware some spoilers!).

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