Azimuth. A world of floatrock cities and endless skies.

Kiy Tanthar would be just another vagrant scraping a living in post-war Brazak West, were it not for the ancient grappling device he wears – known as a Sling. A wonder from the technological zenith of the Gold Age, those that use them typically have little in common; from juvenile thieves to pirates and hired guns.

But all are known as Cloudgazers.

Cloudgazer is my first Azimuth novel! You can read the preview PDF here (it’s still a hefty fifth of the book, don’t worry):

Cloudgazer v5 Preview (download pending update)

If you enjoyed the preview and want to help me out, please email me so I can send you a copy of the whole thing (so I can keep tabs on who’s proof-reading for me, basically!). And of course any feedback is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

PS. You can find out more about Azimuth at the Crystal Archives wiki, my own resource for worldbuilding. But beware spoilers!

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