(Web) Development Hell

If there’s one thing the last few years have taught me, other than empirical wisdom and a casual disposition toward oblivion, it’s that me and website development do not mix. Like European dictators and the Russian front, I keep thinking I’m well up to it only to end up falling on my face shortly afterward and wondering where it all went wrong.

I still to date, haven’t really made a website. At least, not one that was at any kind of level of functionality or usage I’m even partially happy with. Open Mind: rubbish. Chrome Gadget: unpublished. Crystal Horizons: devoid of anything interesting. I’ve attributed this infant mortality rate to a number of things, from finance to time to my own fallible self. I seem to assume that because I can use Photoshop, type with two hands, or point to my nose without gouging my own eyes out that I’ve got the skills necessary to be a webpage designer. And on some accounts I would be right. However, it is still harder than it looks. I am beginning to see why you might pay someone to do this; quite simply to avoid having to do it yourself.

My latest attempt is trying to get Novodantis.com online (notice its current, glorious form! Yes that’s right, I’ve had it a month and already I’m starting it again). Right now I’ve just begun redoing the pages I did over the past two days, using Frames this time (uurgggh, disgusting!). And now I’ve remembered I hate frames, but dammit I don’t care. I am determined for this one to actually get somewhere, rather than being another sit-on-the-drive website that I never finished because I was never happy with it.
As the warrior horde said to the narrator, GET ON WITH IT!