Questions And Some Answers

Q: What the heck does Novodantis mean?

A: The Novodantis is the time-travelling craft from 3.2.C (the 32nd century) in my work-in-progress novel “Chronozone Zero”. Which in turn was named after something that rocked 2.1.C, possibly a website maybe.

Q: What’s with the red star? Or that flag you have everywhere? Are you a Communist?

A: The flag is of the People’s Republic of Arkonia, from Kudia, and the red star has long been my favourite emblem. It’s universally acknowledged as a symbol of socialism, which I am partial to, but mostly I use it because I like it asthetically. But while I’m too politically nihilistic to be a Communist, I prefer it to Capitalism. They have the best beards.

Q: Who are your biggest influences?

A: Ian M. Banks, Robert Heinlein, Terry Pratchett, Douglas Adams and Neil Gaiman, to name a few. I love the artwork of Dresden Codak / Aaron Diaz; the music of an eclectic assortment of artists from Pink Floyd to Pendulum; and the comedy of Eddie Izzard, Bill Bailey & Steve Hughes. I have been influenced heavily by more computer games than I could ever mention here (although Ocarina of Time, Final Fantasy VIII and the Total War games are personal favourites). My university flatmate Rik (and colleague Roger) taught me just about everything good I know about coding. And I blame my mother for my recurring gender-equality themes.


Q: What do you do for a living?

A: Composing arrangements of high-level computer instructions and supplementing them with two-dimensional arrays of 32-bit indexed pixels. If you call that ‘living’

8 thoughts on “Questions And Some Answers

  1. If we take a Wood Chuck, call him Dan, and he chucks Chuck Norris, we can assume that Chuck Norris, in the unlikely even he could be chucked at all, would retaliate with a roundhouse kick. As a result, we can safely determine that Dan’s wood-chucking quota would drop to zero; as he would cease to be capable of anything, let alone chucking wood.

  2. I once collaborated with a fedora-wearing ferret. We fought crime and had a theme tune, but the second series got cancelled by fox; a big red one, specifically, which ate the ferret. Since then I’ve been mostly going solo in my own projects, although I’m always interested in an opportunity to do something awesome and will keenly read such proposals via email.

    As I invented the word ‘novodantis’, I was able to get in there before anyone else and have it as a address. This also explains why I haven’t yet released Chronozone Zero, the book it’s from; as to do so would nullify my online monopoly over the word. And not because it’s taking ages.

    TL;DR – Yes.

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