A Question of Multiple Installs

The big issue for LAN gamers is that big grey area of copyright: multiple installs. Over recent years this issue has got sorta out of hand, but as much as the copyright jockeys are generally being asshats about it, they do have valid points.

What am I on about? Okay, you buy a copy of a game. You can play on one PC fine. Then you want to play your brother or something, on a network game between his laptop and your PC. But you can’t, you need another copy of the game. Is this reasonable?

In short, no.

There are some valid reasons why you are being prevented, and self-righteous trolls will bemoan them to stem the endless tide of whining CD-Key scroungers. But there is no excuse for this, because a number of games have comprimised beautifully. It is a simple case of laziness, and the neglect of network gamers in fear of the unscrupulous online pirates. Continue reading

All I Wanted For Xmas…

In fact, what I’ve been aiming for since around 2001, was a decent working website that was easy to maintain and not too shabby looking. Hellenistic artillery move swifter than my web-building efforts over this past decade. And now that there are some fifteen days of it left, I have finally got it together and here we are. Novodantis.com. Finally.

I have uploaded a small sample of my various pieces of work and transferred over tidbits from various places like deviantArt, WriteWords & Blogspot. While I will be keeping some things separate, the idea is to focus my creative drive on one place: here.

So, welcome!

Refuting Pascal’s Wager

Having worked under a gambling corporation for several years, I can tell you a thing or two about odds. Perhaps most important of all is that humans are typically rubbish at them. Probability incompetence is a regular affliction to the human race; from betting and court evidence to management planning.

Which brings me to a common refuge of theism and one of the chief contributers to agnosticism. Pascal’s Wager goes something like this… Continue reading