“… and THAT’S why I left Greenpeace 9 years ago”

If it were possible to make something required viewing for the world, it would be this:

Kurzgesagt : “Do we Need Nuclear Energy to Stop Climate Change?”

Why, you ask?

Climate change won’t be stopped without lowered emissions. Lowered emissions aren’t possible without Nuclear taking a large amount of the burden off fossil fuels*. That in turn isn’t possible with all the reactors being taken offline instead of making new ones.

Yeah, I know… yadda yadda climate, but this is probably the single biggest component of the single greatest challenge to the current human way of life.

Probably important, then.

(*) - The video diplomatically puts the chances of renewables meeting this demand alone as "very unlikely", but that's a huge understatement. As it does point out, it's not just replacing fossil fuel electricity generation, which it has failed to even catch up on, but all the sectors that aren't even electrical yet.