A Pilot at Last

So I’ve been pretty inactive on all fronts lately; namely my website, writing and unity projects. This has been in no small part due to a big push to complete my Private Pilot Licence over the past few weeks. It hasn’t been easy, but today marked completion of the last element of the course and I now have only to send off the application form itself (and get it approved by the CAA).

I first mentioned the ominous booking of a trial flying lesson back in January of 2009 and since then have made many ramblings on aviation, but it really does feel like the culmination of something epic today!

As an unrelated side-note, I’ve finally found a source of buying MP3s that I get on with, namely Amazon’s MP3 store. It’s been a while since I’ve got into any new music, which has led to a bit of a music-buying binge (particularly the retro-80s “Outrun” subgenre assembled by Rosso Corsa Records). The option to have any of it (and all of it) completely separated as downloaded MP3s may have helped, too. Cloud is okay as an option, but never been big into music “organisers”. Then again, that’s probably just iTune’s fault.

A lot of the world’s problems are probably iTune’s fault.

2 thoughts on “A Pilot at Last

  1. Congratulations!!! Now comes the long list of ‘taking each friend up for a flight’. I still miss flying but I always seem to have something else on the go and never get back to it. I was looking at a beautiful little Pitts last year for only $20k… Probably will never buy anything though.

    RE the MP3s – anything DRM free sounds good to me 🙂

  2. Cheers Lorne, good to hear from you! Sad to hear you don’t get much flying these days, but can totally appreciate that; both the expense and the time are pretty demanding. I only hope I can keep it up enough to at least stay current.

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