Critical Systems Failure

Another year, another games jam. This time, myself and my colleague Mike (with a little help) built a game for Global Games Jam 2015 at the UCS campus. The theme: “What do we do now?”. Our interpretation?


An advanced experiment goes wrong, the reactor is going critical and there’s not even time to nip home and feed the cat. Critical Systems Failure puts you into that classic dramatic┬ámoment where it’s all going wrong and you; an untrained rookie with no┬ámanual, have got to stabilise the situation… or risk total destruction!


The game gives no instructions, so it’s up to you to muddle your way through and last as long as you can. There is currently no way to win, but you can try to last longer than your friends! There’s no high score reporting or anything, but the best I’ve seen so far is around the 4600.

Good Luck!

1 thought on “Critical Systems Failure

  1. Its a crazy piece of fun; although I only managed to get 1670 it was an interesting time trying to find out how to reduce any negative outcomes. Still, I’ll come back for another go soon;

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