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Flag of Brazak West

Brazak West (Azbuka: Бразак Уест) is a small independent republic in the north eastern region of the world. To the north of it are the North Wastes. To the east is the other half of what was once known as Great Brazak: the Ganzabi zone of Brazak East, as well as the Valya Free States. The Nezzu Strait lies to the south, while some distance to the west is Azrune and the United Sky Kingdoms.

The nation's capital is Risley, while its currency is the Azrunite Floril. The legacy currency of Great Brazak, the Kepit, remains in common circulation. The primary language spoken in Brazak West is Azbuka, with the Brazakker Accent.

The people of Brazak West (and often Great Brazak & Brazak East) are commonly called "Brazakkers" or sometimes by the slang "Kerrons", after the famous bird from the northern regions.



After Great Brazak lost the war against Ganzabar, it came under occupation. Ganzabar divided the nation into two provinces; East and West. Partly this was to make the territory more inline with the average size of a Ganzabi province, but it was also in an attempt to break Brazak unity.

This was largely successful, as pro-appeasement East blamed Western partisans, such as the ex-Line Captain Natalya Ataryk, for what they called "senseless violence". Eventually the situation erupted into a full-scale rebellion known as the Liberation War, while Ganzabar was preoccupied with the Merchant Wars against Lystrata.

The partisans successfully liberated Risley completely in October 9317. They demanded the reformation of the Brazak parliament and an end to Ganzabi rule in Great Brazak. Ganzabar partially agreed, on the condition that Brazak East was to remain a part of Ganzabar. Thus Brazak West declared itself to be a wholly new and independent country, and by 9318 Ganzabar's forces had been completely withdrawn.


Brazak West, as is typical of the northern cultures, is divided into administrative semi-autonomous areas called Oblasts. These are governed from a regional capital, from which (in most cases) the oblast takes its name. They are:

Cities and People

Brazak West's capital city is Risley. Other settlements include:

Brazak West's largest ethnicity is Svalic, including the Laro; closely followed by Hal. A minority exists of Valyan, as well as small populations of Aquitano and Ziothi, mostly in the east.


Brazak West's military is very much an artefact of its rebellious inception, bearing the mark of a fresh start. The New Brazak Navy is composed of several flotillas, as is typical of most Azimuth navies, the main defensive core of which is known as the Home Fleet. The flagship, at the beginning of 9329, was the Gorodskiye Class BWC Municipal. The NBN's two large subsidiary organisations are the New Infantry and the Brazak Air Corps, the latter being the operator of the fleet's skyfighter squadrons.

Like Great Brazak before it, policing is still handled by the Militsiyas, which are managed at a city level. Some divisions, such as the Laronor Militsiya, trace their founding to key historical points; in this case the Siege of Laronor. In wartime, the Militsiyas are supplemented by an additional temporary force of Reserves: civilians trained in basic self defence but not assembled into formal units.

Uniforms and Equipment

Brazak infantry are generally equipped with the Empire Arms Bluebell, beginning in 9322. Prior to that, the obsolete Tokarya L16 percussion rifle was common and is still in limited use by some crews. The standard sidearm remains the rugged Corban Navy, despite it too being decried as obsolete.

Naval officers wear a black uniform with silver trim, while infantry are usually clad in beige overcoats marked with blue and brown. The Militsiya wear grey with orange trim, while Reservists are typically not uniformed.

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