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Flag of the United Sky Kingdoms; the five stars representing the five kingdoms and the top star representing New Frander governing over them.
The United Sky Kingdoms, or USK, is a federation of constitutional monarchies in the north west. To the north are the North Wastes and Kazak; to the east Brazak West; to the south Azrune and the Great Western Eye is to the south-west.

The USK is a highly cosmopolitan nation with significant populations of nearly all ethnicities. Its first language is Azbuka and its currency the Sterling Dollar, although the Azrunite Floril is also widely used and accepted. The president of the USK is Franz Tunnock.

The colloquial noun for someone from the USK is a "Franner"; plural "Franners" and descriptive "Frannish". All refer to the capital city of New Frander.


The USK is comprised of five monarchies and a capital State:


The capital of the USK is New Frander. Other cities include:

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