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Brudor is a settlement in southern Brazak West, near the airspace border. Due to its position on the southern fringes, its relatively small port is often busy with ships passing in and out of the nation. As a convenient resupply point between the Nezzu Academy and the Junders Neutral Zone, Brudor has also in recent years become a hub for military craft.


  • Jurisdiction : Junway Oblast
  • Population : ~35,000
  • Airspace Zone : 6 km
  • Notable Industry : Textiles, Poultry, Vapour


Brudor was originally further north to where it is today and known as Brotsk. The town began as an outpost in southern-central Great Brazak, but the fort was shifted west during the Old Nezzu War to bolster defensive operations there. The small town was one of the first to fall to Ganzabi invaders and renamed Bruder; after the Ganzabi entrepreneur Hanz Bruder. Over the course of the occupation, it flourished within relative sanctuary. Away from the worst partisan activity and taking no direct part in the Liberation War, Bruder was something of a refuge in a troubled country.

When the Brazakkers declared the nation of Brazak West in 9317, there were proposals to rename the town back to Brotsk. However, its people objected; many being recent arrivals that had grown attached to their new name. A compromise was made and a more Brazak spelling introduced.

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