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Flag of Azrune

Azrune, sometimes known as the First Nation, is the oldest nation state of Azimuth. It was once a world-spanning "unation", but has since declined to become one of the smallest powers; though still hitting much heavier than its weight due to political legacy and vastly advanced Gold Age technology.

The nation's capital is Nubylon, while its currency is the Floril. The primary language spoken in Azrune is Azbuka, with the Azrunite Accent.

Azrunites are sometimes referred to informally as "Rooners", though rarely by Azrunites themselves.



Azrune's founding predates The Collapse, having stood for most of the Gold Age. Over the years its influence waned as cities and territories declared their independence. This process went largely unopposed by Azrune itself, due to a continuing governmental policy of non-intervention and the Proctor's philosophy of "leaving be".


Azrune is split geometrically into 5 sectors:

Cities and People

Azrune's capital city is Nubylon, which is also the largest and oldest city in the nation (it is believed to be the oldest in the world). Other cities include:

Azrune's cities are typically cosmopolitan and generally cleaner than those found elsewhere. It is home to almost all ethnicities aside from Melchori.

Politics and Hierarchy

Azrune is often described as a constitutional monarchy, although its system is somewhat unique. Executive power is held by the Prime Minister, while the allegedly immortal Proctor acts as Head of State and chief advisor to the government. The government itself is formed of five ministries:

These five massive departments oversee the laws, enforcement and organistion of Diplomacy, Entertainment, Industry, Science and Security respectively. Each is composed of a number of ministers representing cities and townships, and is headed by a Magistrate; who is appointed by the Prime Minister. All of the Ministries are of equal power and importance; although the Peace Ministry has command of the Navy, it would be useless without the supplies of the Work Ministry's merchant fleet or Gold Age maintenance of the Knowledge Ministry. This co-dependence has kept them in equilibrium for millenia, although it isn't enough to prevent their daily squabbles and power games.

The Great Academies

Azrune has an illustrious academic heritage exemplified by its Great Academies. There were originally five, although only three remain: Solar Harp, Lunar Scythe and Stellar Point. The other two, Noctis Wind and Deus Gear, were destroyed during the turmoil of the Ninety Nine Days period. Azrune's academies are world renowned as pinnacles of education and masters of research. Once highly specialised in chosen areas, the institutions turned toward generalisation after the destruction of Noctis and Deus greatly injured the progression of their fields. Nevertheless, initial specialisation has left a mark of reputation and aptitude for certain traits, such as the common view that Stellar Point's graduate Tacticians are the best, for example.

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