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Laronor is a large city in northern Brazak West. It is the home city of the Laro ethnicity and one of Brazak West's oldest settlements. It is also the location of one of the new Gundar installations.


  • Jurisdiction : Wirral Oblast
  • Population : ~1,072,000
  • Airspace Zone : 45 km
  • Notable Industry : Shipbuilding, Aerospace, Manufacturing, Chemicals, Munitions


Laronor has been a part of the northern Nezzu region since before the days of Great Brazak. It rose to prominence as the center of the eastern shipbuilding industry, becoming the foremost city in ship construction in Great Brazak. After the Old Nezzu War, the Brazak shipbuilding industry was shattered and Laronor went into a steep decline. The resulting poverty and the Occupation were a volitile combination, especially with the fierce anti-authority character of the Laro people. Laronor was one of the worst trouble spots during the occupation years, and became one of the key resistence hubs during the Liberation War; particularly during the difficult few months of late 9316 when Ganzabar had crushed the resistence movement in Risley.

After the war and the establishment of Brazak West, Laronor's fortunes took a slight upturn as the new government set to work improving the poor living conditions and flagging economy. Laronor was extensively beautified with varied levels of success. Due to this initiative (as well as its importance as a manufacturing base), in 9322 it was selected as a site for one of the three new Gundar mega-fortresses being constructed across Brazak West.

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