Hennie Litvyak

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Hennie Litvyak
Хенни Литвяк
Gender Female
Born August 28th 9312
Affiliation Brazak West
Height 162 cm
Weight 52 kg
Hair Colour Light Brown
Eye Colour Hazel
Ethnicity Hal-Svalic

Hennie Litvyak (Azbuka: Хенни Литвяк) is a sixteen-year-old protagonist of the Cloudgazer story. She is of Hal descent and initially lives in Brudor, where she works as a hatmaker. She is the niece of Lydia Litvyak, a Great Brazak pilot from the Great Nezzu War. She has five sisters and one brother: Feodora, Olya, Almay, Naki, Ainu and Leo respectively.


Hennie was born in 9312, during the Occupation, to Ivenn and Esmerelda Litvyak. Her father's younger sister, Lydia, was a fighter pilot during the last great war with Ganzabar. After her death in the late stages of the war, her father eschewed the military life and settled down with his wife in the quiet southern town of Brudor.

In her first eleven years, Hennie was a bright and energetic child. When she was 12 years old, her father contracted and died of Calwin's Disease. The loss hit the family hard, but Hennie took it particularly badly. She became quiet and melancholy, shunning food (and her father's beloved subject, music) for over a year. Finally, she began to recover some sense of her brighter personality, although she was never the same again. She still carries the small Hopson radio that her father gave to her when she was 8, as one of her most treasured possessions.


A mostly quiet and sombre teen, Hennie has taken a position of responsibility in the family, in absence of her father or (more recently) older sister Feo. She takes charge of situations, is assertive and brave, but takes blame too readily. Although she drives herself hard, she often daydreams; particularly of flight. She's had little luck with boys, yet still catches herself obsessing over them at times.

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