Great Nezzu War

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More recently known as the Old Nezzu War, the Great Nezzu War was a huge conflict fought primarily between Great Brazak and Ganzabar. It lasted 11 years; from 9296 until 9307; and resulted in the victory of Ganzabar and the occupation of Great Brazak.

A Bluff Called

In 9290, relations between Great Brazak and Ganzabar still seemed as good as they'd ever been. The two allies had enjoyed over a century of close co-operation. But tensions were beginning to rise with the extreme ethnic discrimination of Svalics in the Ganzabi protectorate of Capridor. Large populations had been evicted from their homes and rounded up into camps, due to being blamed for recent unrest. Despite international condemnation, this act was ignored by Ganzabar. The Brazakkers however, feeling a kinship with the Capridian svalics, became enraged. Demands to act became impossible to ignore.

The Brazak Navy was mobilised and crossed the border into Capridor, with the objective to rescue those imprisoned in the work camps. While this trespass was technically an act of war, the Brazak political elite did not believe Ganzabar would follow through. They were wrong.

Tumbling Escalation

The declaration of war by Ganzabar came as a shock, but only steeled the Brazakkers' sense of righteousness. In a matter of a few months, the two nations stepped up their respective war machines and turned them on each other. The result, culminating in the Battle of Junders, was a catastrophic disaster for both sides and the single most costly engagement of the war. Over the next several years, both sides built up their military strength and repeatedly smashed it into the other, with neither gaining much ground. Out of the two nations, Ganzabar's economy was clearly the stronger. Yet despite Ganzabar's impressive resources, Brazakker shipbuilding showed its worth as their ships continued to resist being pushed back.

The End of Great Brazak

A lull in 9301 led to the Brazakker sentiment that Ganzabar had lost the will to fight. Some of the work camps had been liberated, but the majority had not. Ganzabi and Capridian forces lured Brazak attacks deeper, playing the part of lame prey, before springing a lightning fast campaign of counterattack in early 9302. This was devastatingly successful and Great Brazak lost much of its fleet, which was spread too thinly with the enthusiastic advance. As a result of the losses, it could no longer protect its cities and merchant shipping, which were harassed by their southern foe. The appearance of legendary captain Natalya Ataryk in the early 94th Century saw the Ganzabi advance stalled, but even her best efforts could not save the republic. After another minor defeat in 9306, corrupt Brazak nobles began to take bribes and Great Brazak capitulated.

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