Esmerelda Litvyak

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Esmerelda Litvyak
Эзмэрелъда Литвяк
Gender Female
Born April 13th 9284
Affiliation Brazak West
Height 167 cm
Weight 68 kg
Hair Colour Brown
Eye Colour Hazel
Ethnicity Hal

Esmerelda Litvyak (Azbuka: Эзмэрелъда Литвяк) is the mother of Hennie and widow of Ivenn Litvyak. She works at the harbour in Brudor, where she has a network of gossips and snoops that she uses to find jobs for cloudgazer Kiy Tanthar; who, in turn, splits the pay with Esmerelda and the Litvyaks.

Esmerelda is an iron-willed single mother striving to feed her large family after the sudden loss of her husband some years ago, to Calwin's Disease.

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